My resolutions for 2015

My resolutions for 2015
Happy new year every one! Wish you a happy, wonderful, healthful and blissful year for each of you that you read this post!
Now is the time for planning, making and starting new good things for the next year hat just start, 2015. So I just stand and thing on my last year of my life, over the 2014 year and the last 10 years. What I done right and what I done wrong, so what I want to change or what I want to kept.
My first desire is on air:
For my future life plan for this year I want to do this:
1. I want to spend less more than 2014 on products than I don’t necessary need.
2. I want to creat my own beauty products. This is my dream for the past few years and now must be come to reality. Pray for me on this one.
3. I want to spend less more time on to do nothing and spend time on to do something.
4. I want to go in to an exotic place for an exotic holiday.
5.I want to learn a new language (German I hope) and to improve my English language.
6. I want to do more trips in my country (Romania) to see how cities are changing and remember how beautiful the nature is.
7. I want to be more organize and planning all to be sure that all my dreams come true.
8. I want to write more beautiful and useful post on my blog daily I hope.
9. I want to work on new project, a project that I was planning in 2014.
Wish me luck with this resolutions and please tell me what your resolutions are, maybe I will add to mine.
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