Detox week – Day #1

Detox week – Day #1
Today may be a hard day because our body craving for the common meals or snacks, full of sugar and calories.
For today I choose to prepare fresh meal because I am home today, so I start with a healty breakfast…
…than I planning a healthy meals for afternoon mealtime and for dinner…
…also I have fruits for desserts…
…and healthy drinks between meals…
What you will have for today, detox day #1?

I will add photos one by one:


I choosed yogurt with 0% fat and organic tea from Fares with energizing herbs and green tea for detox.

I will drink a duble portion of this tea for detox effect and energizing effect. Just tea without sugar.

For dinner I have a big salad from vegetables but I forgot to take picture.

Tomorrow will be the second day from our Detox Week.

Good night.



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