A day in a pharmacist life – Instalife #1

A day in a pharmacist life – Instalife #1
Are you curious how is a day in a pharmacist life, in România?
Let me show you!
My first #instalife
For today I will show you how looks like a working day of a pharmacist. For beginning I must tell you, that I am not working every day. I am working a long day, 10 hours than I have a free day.
So, for today I choose a medium busy working day. In a very busy day, I don’t have time for pictures.

7.00 AM: I wake up, drink a glass of water, make shower than I measure my weight. Is the best time for an accurate mesure of weight.

7.30- 7.50 AM: Verify my mailbox, Facebook, bloglovin’ and if I have more time, verify twitter, Google+, Instagram and other application.

7.50 AM: I am prepparing my breakfast. I like to have one big breakfast because than I will feel hungry just around 1-2PM. Find one my favorite breakfast: fried egg, veggies, a little meat, a little cheese.

Don’t forget to prepare two sandwiches for work.

Drink a cup of long espresso than have a fruit during choose my wardrobe for today.

Don’t forget my vitamins.

8.30 AM: Brush my teeth, drees me up and make my make-up.

9.00 – 9.15 AM: Ready for a long ride to my working place, the pharmacy.

During the road, almost half-hour my road is in town, next half-hour is outside the town, between two towns.

10.15 AM: I arriving to pharmacy! Prepare my soul for a long day with lot of sicknesses, old people without any help, but often I have hopefully patients which will make me smile.

I am consulting any pacient with or without recipe for a chronic disease or/and new disease or unpleasant affection like allergy, leg, head or back pain, or any uncomfortable ills that my pacients have and they need treatment.

When I have a pacient with chronic disease and he/she have recipe, I will calculate the recipe with medication choose by specialist doctor or according with substance on recipe, together with the pacient, I will choose products with lower prices. Than I will dispense the medications selected before.

If I have a pacient without recipe, I will ask the pacient all the questions I need for being sure what is the problem and which is the ill. Than I will explain to pacient which is the treatment then he/she need and which are the costs. If the pacient want I will dispense the medication and I request a feedback about his/her condition. If condition have no improvement I request to pacient than go to a doctor. If he/she need, I will find a doctor for his/her condition.

I can’t post photos will my pacients because I need to respect pharmacist-pacient confidentiality.

When I have a little free time, I have my sandwich and a coffee.

I will write down the products that will need to order quickly or special orders.

8.30 PM: Prepare to close the pharmacy, prepare all the paperwork for closing.

9.00 PM: Ready to go home. In the evening of a sunny day I see wonderful colors on the sky during the sunset. Like this from today.

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